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However we don’t only review Tiffany products, but also jewelry from other manufactures which you can buy online.

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Necklaces and Pendants
How do you choose which jewelry to buy for your wife, daughter, mom or yourself?
There are so many different rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, charms and Brooches available online.
Which are the better ones, when comparing the cost with beauty, elegance, popularity and functionality?
Therefore we created several top 20 lists of the best jewelry available for purchase online.
Our unbiased reviews and lists with pictures and prices will give you a nice overview of the PERFECT present for a person you love or a nice gift for yourself!
Our top 20 list are very broad. They are targeting all budgets and ages, we even have beautiful jewelry that cost less than 1 dollar!
In case you don’t wish to spend any money at all we also have free tutorial videos that teach YOU how to make your OWN jewelry!

We offer the BEST WAY to find the RIGHT jewelry for YOUR NEEDS!

In case you can’t afford Tiffany jewelry we recommend you to check out cheap jewelry for women. Or for the danes: billige smykker til kvinder.



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Tifanny Jewelry- Redefining Class and Elegance in the Modern World

Jewelry is more than just a piece of precious metal iconography, as it embodies pure art form and mystique, regardless of the materials used.
Over the past several decades, Tiffany has been a name that is not only recognized but also respected in all parts of the globe.
This brand has become an institution and a vanguard of excellence when it comes to women’s (and some men’s) jewelry and fancy accessories, which is not surprising considering the fact that Tiffany finds new ways to reinvent itself as well as its product line.

There is no mistaking the beauty that is exuded by every piece of Tiffany jewelry, which is no wonder why women all over the world not only recognized the brand, but also revere everything it represents.
At any given time, there are hundreds of pieces to choose from in the Tiffany product line, including timeless jewelry that never goes out of style.

Those who have yet to fully explore the many different types of Tiffany products available on the market, there is no better time than the present to become aquatinted with such beautiful pieces.
Listed below are some of the best things that Tiffany has to offer, including seasonal items that would make for excellent gifts to moms, dads, and teens.


Tiffany and Co. New Ziegfeld Collection

tiffany jewelry

Daisy Pendant

This piece is a nod to the roaring twenties when everything was glitter and flash wrapped in understated elegance.
The pendant has a floral design that draws one’s attention to the magnificent black onyx in the middle.
The chain is a simple 24 inch sterling silver that is accented with freshwater cultured pearls as well as onyx.
This makes for a great accessory for daily use, with just enough flair to be an excellent accent piece for a casual night out with friends.

Pearl Earrings

Simple yet classy is the best way to describe this pair of pearl earrings from the new Ziegfeld collection.
These teardrop earrings come in simple sterling silver with freshwater cultured pearls, which are perfect for a special night on the town or any event that requires a little black dress.

Pearl Pendant

There is something so bespoke about a single pearl hanging from a sterling silver chain that attracts the affection of so many women, of all ages, all around the world.
This 20′s inspired pearl necklace is a testament to the adage that less is definitely more.
The single freshwater cultured pearl hangs elegantly from the 16-inch chain, which feels light against the skin.

Daisy Ring

For women who are all about regal appeal, this Daisy Ring definitely makes the mark.
The floral intaglio ring is designed by expert artisan jewelers in Italy, who have some of the best visions when it comes to crafting women’s jewelry.
The band is sterling silver, and the cushion-cut onyx has been expertly carved to perfection.
Whether worn as an evening accessory or an everyday ring, this piece is something that is particularly special and worth buying for oneself or a significant person.

Black Onyx Tassel Necklace

For women who want to channel their inner Daisy Buchanan, this is definitely the piece to get.
The onyx beads hang casually like a dark tassel, which does not only lend drama to the necklace, but also keeps it casual enough to be worn as a daily accessory.
The necklace is sterling silver and also with onyx beads, and is about 33 inches long, which gives it the authentic 1920s touch.

Pearl Ring

Small gleaming cultured freshwater pearls adorn this excellent ring while the simple black onyx remains the focal point.
It is a well put-together pearl ring that is classy without being too fancy.
The pearls are dainty and very feminine but there is still a slight edge to it, which is enough to keep its personality present.

Elsa Peretti Cat Island Collection


Open Shell Pendant

This particular necklace has quite significance, especially if purchased as a gift for someone special in your heart.
The open shell represents beckoning, which is a lovely symbolism for genuine longing and love.
While it is made of simple sterling silver, the design speaks volumes and is definitely reason enough to purchase this necklace.

Sand Shell Pendant

Inspired by the natural allure of sand and sea, the Sand Shell pendant is remarkably understated yet visually impressive at the same time.
It is simple enough for daily use, but it also has an excellent appeal that cannot be denied by anyone who has an eye for good accessories.

Wave Shell Charm Bracelet

The ridges of the shells mimic undulating waves of the sea, which creates a soothing feeling.
What this bracelet represents is the freedom that can only be expected in the open sea, as well as all the promise of better things to come.
The bracelet is sterling silver adorned with white chalcedony as well as green aventurine shaped as shells.

Leaf Pendant

You do not need to be a tree-hugger to appreciate the beauty of this pendant.
The green aventurine on a simple black silk cord is definitely something to behold, as it is made with excellent attention to the details.
This definitely makes for an excellent daily accessory that can hold its own against fancy and shiny pieces.

Elsa Peretti Diamonds by the Yard

tiffany and co

Drop Pendant

This pendant hangs from an 18k gold rose chain, which is a stunning beauty all on its own.
The drop necklace has three round diamonds that glitter beautifully, especially when hit by light at just the right angle.
This is definitely something worth buying, whether as an accessory or a gift for someone rather special and equally exquisite.

Drop Earrings

Looking classy and sensual at the same time will not be such a hard feat while wearing these on one’s ears.
These drop earrings are stunningly crafted, with a total of four diamonds situated at opposite ends of each other.
Regardless of what you are wearing, this pair of sheer magnificence will certainly shine through.

Tiffany and Co caters to all types of jewelry needs and preferences.
From the simple accessory that can be worn at any time of the day, to the extremely stunning and glamorous pieces that are necessary for special occasions such as gracing the red carpet.

Here is some of the best selection of Tiffany jewelry that is available online:

tiffany bracelet


Tiffany Metro Five-row Hinged Bangle

The adage “Diamonds are a girls’ best friends” was most probably coined with this piece in mind.
This bangle screams elegance and pure class, without necessarily going overboard.
This is not to say that it looks anything short of perfect, because it is indeed a pure wonder that would be amazing around a lady’s wrist.
The five-row hinged bangle is dripping in small diamonds, and comes up to a total of 1.93 Carat in total weight.
It is perfection personified and definitely justifies its hefty price tag.

Tiffany Metro Bangle

If you are looking for something that is the perfect marriage between streamlined beauty and undeniable charm, this bangle is what you want.
The bangle is thin rose gold circle that is lined with sparkling diamonds in its entire circumference.
It is fancy enough to wear to an event, i.e. gala or cocktail party, but also casual enough to be used every day.

Paloma Picasso Olive Leave Cuff

This sterling silver masterpiece is created specifically for women who prefer to wear accessories that do not only have flair, but also hold significant meaning.
The design was inspired by the olive branch, which is the quintessential symbol for peace as well as abundance and prosperity.
The cuff style lends a certain chic appeal to this bracelet, but it is otherwise classy and elegant in its own right.

Return to Tiffany Bead Bracelet

There is much to be said about classic jewelry, and this one definitely deserves more than a few fleeting words.
This design is one of the most celebrated in the Tiffany product line since 1969.
The tiny pink heart tag with an enamel finish is the highlight of this bracelet, but the silver bead bracelet is also quite iconic.
Many women over the years have wished for this bracelet and the few who were lucky enough to get one surely treasure theirs up to this day.
It is no wonder that Tiffany decided to bring this piece back in the collection as it is certainly a classic that will never go out of style.

Necklaces and Pendants

There is something inherently sensual about having something around one’s neck, especially if it is made of precious metal and/or gem.
Tiffany necklaces and pendants range from the simple yet elegant to the outrageously grand and regal.
Below are some of the greatest selections in the Tiffany line at the moment.

White Gold
Paloma’s Venezia Luce Pendant

This piece is something that is meant to be worn at night, indoors.
Its stunning beauty is exquisitely grand that it might just be too much to gaze at during the day.
The design alone is breathtaking, with the Bezel-set diamonds inspired by fluid spiral patterns of the grand lanterns hanging in Venice, Italy.
No woman can resist the charm and allure of this necklace as it simply exudes sheer beauty.

Tiffany Garden Flower Pendant

For those looking to acquire something that is a perfect mix of eclectic, fancy, and chic, this flower pendant definitely hits the mark. This piece is casual enough to be worn during the day or for an after-work party.
The design is decidedly simple but very well executed, with the small aquamarines hanging from and 18k white gold chain.
It is definitely a good starter necklace to get if you are looking to build a collection of fine pieces.

tiffany ring

Diamond Rings for Women

Tiffany Enchant Flower Ring

If there is a ring that embodies feminine beauty to its very core, this one would make it to the shortlist.
The Enchant Flower Ring is delicate and dainty without being too feminine.
It really is the perfect mixture of female beauty and sophistication, mainly due to its clever craftsmanship.
The exquisite diamonds all around forms a blooming flower design that is unmistakably brilliant. The platinum band affords the piece a solid look and feel, without it of its feminine charm.

Tiffany Harmony Diamond Ring

Put simply, this ring is what you should get if you are looking for something that embodies understated elegance.
The band is simple tapered platinum and the small round diamond sits atop it beautifully.
It is unassuming yet unforgettable, which makes it perfect as an engagement or anniversary ring.

Tiffany Jazz Three Row Diamond Ring

The Great Gatsby is certainly making waves not only in the film arena but also in the jewelry market.
This ring is basically an ode to the 1920s when sparkling jewelry was the quintessential mark of affluence and status.
The platinum is surrounded by three rows of diamonds that sparkle brightly.
Whether worn as an accessory or engagement ring, this piece definitely has character and flair.

tiffany earrings


Tiffany Metro Pear Shaped Drop Earrings

For women who like class and unabashed regal appeal, these earrings are among the top choices in the market today.
The sheer number of diamonds on both earrings is reason enough to get a pair, not to mention the well-thought-out design that certainly commands attention from anyone within viewing distance.
It requires a certain type of women to wear this type of earring, and sophistication is definitely part of it.

Tiffany Metro Heart Earrings

These are meant for pierced ears, but are nonetheless breathtaking.
These heart earrings are diamond-studded and are meant to highlight a woman’s face.
The design is stunning enough to have excellent character but it does not overshadow one’s profile.
Beautiful women would certainly shine much brighter while wearing these on their ears.

mens jewelry

Men’s Jewelry

While Tiffany jewelry is mainly known as a female product, there are in fact several items in the product line that men would be interested in.

Ziegfeld Collection Cuff Links

These elegant cuff links are the namesake of a legendary theater, which is rather fitting because they have a dramatic flair.
The cuff links are sterling silver, but with a black enamel finish that gives it a matte look that men prefer.

Ziegfeld Daisy Signet Ring

For women who are looking for a perfect present for the special man in their life, this might just be the thing to get.
It is sophisticated yet unabashedly masculine, and it embodies bridled power that men seek to obtain.

When shopping for jewelry online, it is always best to know all the available options.
Tiffany jewelry is nothing if not diverse, as the brand always advocates providing the best choices to its loyal customers.